Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cricut Cake Machine up for pre-order w/ free shipping on Cre-8-tive Instincts

Hi everyone!! Just wanted to let everyone know that at Cre-8-tive Instincts Online store, we have the Cricut Cake Machine up for pre-order with free shipping!!! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these myself!! I love to cook and bake, so designing cakes with my cre8tive side is going to be even more fun!! Make sure you pre-order yours today!!


melissa said...

so don't need to buy the expensive machine when you can use what you've got.

prncess05 said...

Wow, those cakes are so beautiful!! So did you order the DVD? Have you used it? I'd love to see how your cakes turned out if you have pictures!! I have imagined what they are doing and teaching in my head in this dvd, and if it is what I'm thinking, it seems like its alot of work using a die cut machine that isn't made to cut food. I know there is no food going into those machines, well at least I hope not for sanitary I invision that you have to cut the cake peices out from a traced die cut paper. Well thats my theory at least, because as stated before you can't cut food from a regular die cut machine and be sanitary, right? I could be wrong on how it works, but at least with the cricut cake machine, it is specifically designed to cut food, and be sanitized afterwards. The cricut cake machine also seems less time consuming and less work because it cuts the food itself. I would love to see some peices of the video on this website, there is nothing there to show what the video is able to do, to help determine whether you want to buy the machine or just stick to the cheaper side and buy the DVD. I need a bit more than cakes for me to be convinced on buying the dvd. If you can share any other details of the DVD, that would be awesome!! Thanks for sharing this with everyone Melissa!! ;)