Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Chance!!

So the open window of oppertunity hs closed for all who wanted to get in on the great price deal for the new eCraft coming out!

But I have decided to run a special on it through July 31st, for all of you who missed out on this great deal!! Even though the price has gone up to $349, I am still offereing it through the end of July, at a substantially lower price of only $319.99! So, through the rest of this month, I will have it on sale at my website for $319.99, so if your interested in purchasing one of these must have machines, hop on over to our website and order yours today!

Just enter Coupon Code


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

eCraft Machine price is going up!!

Hi all!! I had a conversation this morning with Paul from Craftwell (the makers of the new eCraft machine). He has spilled the beans to me about a price increase that will be taking place on Friday for the eCraft machines. They are selling for $249.99 right now, but will go up to $349 on Friday afternoon! Craftwell has made many wonderful changes in which Paul has shared with me, and it makes me all the more eager to get my hands on these wonderful babies!! They have taked the pro ecraft machine off of the market and have decided to not bring it back. Why you ask? Well, they have taken the pro machines motor and put it into the basic machine!! Isn't that awesome!!! There is so much more they have added to this baby as well! You no l;onger get the basic software with your machine, but your going to get the Pro Software!!! Even more exciting!! So, if you have not ordered yhour ecraft machine, head on over to my store

and purchase before the price rises! All orders made before noon on Friday will be able to get all these great upgrades with their machines at the low price of $249.99 (Don't forget the coupon code for an extra 15% off!! Enter coupon code 15off at checkout!) If you have already ordered the machine, you are automatically being upgraded!! Hurry because the price will rise on Friday for one of the most amazing machines about to hit the market, and your going to want this machine, trust me!!