Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bus Driver Gifts

Hi all! Sorry I've been in and out, and not around much, it's been crazy around here. I am finally posting my bus drivers gift for Christmas. It's not much or too fancy (as they are both men, so I can't get glitterfied), but it's special! They were very easy to make, and will last through the years for them to remember!! I purchased (at michaels) 2 wooden pre painted yellow stars, 2 wooden pre painted buses, some Quick Grip all purpose permanent adhesive, 30 gauge wire, and black ribbon. I glued the bus to the star with the Quick Grip all purpose permanent adhesive, pierced a hole on the top of the star with a small screw driver and hammer, on the back, I burned (with my walnut hollow hot marks tool) the year 2010 on the back of each star, then lastly, I wrapped the wire through the hole I made and around the tip of the star, leaving a loop at the top to string my ribbon through. Mission complete!! See very easy, very special, and takes less than 20 minutes!