Thursday, March 18, 2010

New MTC Update!!! Now you can use other machines with your software!!! 15% off coupon available!!!

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Hi everyone, Make the Cut has come out with a new update that will enable you to do many new amazing things as well as use other machines to cut and now PRINT!!! Yep, I said it, PRINT, and  not just on the cricut, but several other machines as well!!! WOW!! Can you say exciting!!! The doors of oppertunity are just getting more and more wider guys!!! Here is the new updates available:

Version 2.2.1

Make The Cut! now brings:


You can now print your designs to your printer in full color. Make The Cut! also has a "wireframe" option which allows you to cut to:

Craft ROBO



Blue Wishblade

and more!


You can now select shapes and resize, rotate, warp with ease!


You can now stay organized inside your projects with the use of layers!


That's right! You can now back up your cartridges to SVG format using DesignStudio and Make The Cut!


It doesn't stop here, folks! For a full featured list of everything that has been added or updated, please visit our forums.

15% Off Sale!

Make The Cut is offering 15% off it's already low price until Sunday the 18th! If you haven't purchased Make The Cut, now is the time.

The coupon code is:

Click the Link at the top of my blog to purchase this amazing product!!! I guarrantee you won't be disappointed!!!


Michele said...

hi! stopped by via swap-bot and i have to say, you really are into scrapbooking! great products and i really like how you provide discount information for your readers! subscribed to you for future posts. :)

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i just heard about the ecraft cutting machine!!
I can't wait to get one, I hope the price come down a litle because if it would I would purchase the one for $360.00, But I'm wishing it will come down in price just as the cricut had when the newness wore off! I have the first cricut, never been used and 8 brand new cartridges, so i'm gonna sell those to help pay for the eCraft cutter!

prncess05 said...

"Anonymous" - I love my cricut <3, but I am looking so forward to not having to replace my cutting mats when my ecraft gets here, since the ecraft machine uses no mats!! And from what I have learned from eCraft, this machine is going to blow all the other machines straight out of the water!!!! It's brilliant. It will be coming out in June, and I can't wait, but I definitely won't be getting rid of my cricut :), I love it too much. Getting into the crafting buisness, I have many different machines, but each is different in ways to which they cannot be compared to other machines. So I keep and play with them all!! I just started learning the gazelle this week. It also embosses, I believe it engraves, and I can create my own designs and paper backgrounds. I will be posting those soon, but can't at the moment, as I have lost my camera charger, lol, had to buy a new camera and I am now also learning that. It's been a busy week!! I'm also looking into a pazzles or a robocraft. I enjoy every machine, as they are all unique in there own little way!! =) BUT......I just can't wait to get my hands on this amazingly awesome new eCraft machine!! Hopefully, MTC will add this machine to their program, because I have learned some pretty awesome things with that program, and I just can't live without the program now, which is why I absolutely will never get rid of my cricut!!! But hey, I totally understand!! Sometimes we have to do what we got to do, to get those scrapbooking machines we just have to have!!! Not trying to push a sell or anything, but this machine is for sale on my website for $269 and everything is free shipping!! Also you will recieve a free dust cover coupon with the purchase of the machine, some other free goodies will be in the as well, and I will be posting a new 15% off coupon soon, so be on the look out!! It's a pretty good deal so your welcome to check that out!!