Monday, August 24, 2009

My Pooh Creation....

This is a scrapbook page I created  for my twin boy a couple of days ago. I love Winnie the Pooh, and I used the Winnie the Pooh Font Cartride by Cricut to do this entire layout. I used a baby blue, polka dotted, embossed 12x12 sheet. 
 I then cut out the Winnie the Pooh from my cartridge. I glued and put him together on a peice of brown cardstock and used design cutting scissors to give it a border around him. I then palced him in the left hand, bottom corner of the sheet. I accented his red t-shirt with some red glitter glue.
I then cut out a couple of honey pots in different sizes, and placed them in the right, bottom hand corner of the page. I had some bees that I had purchased from the craft store and placed them around the honey pots. I had to create my own honey drips, because the ones from the cartridge did not fit they way I wanted them to. So keep that in mind. I also went glitter crazy on the honey pots!!
 In the top right hand corner, I did the dame thing as I did in the bottom left corner. I cut my Pooh out, Then I cut the honey pot out, and placed them together on a plain brown cardstock paper. I then cut a border with the fancy scissors!! And of course.......I went glitter crazy!!! I also added a bee!!  :)
I then added the letters to the background page that I chose to surround the photos. These letters are cut out in a wooden theme and are so cute. Unfortunately it is very hard to see them due to bad lighting in my work room. I did not go glitter crazy here because I did not want to ruin the effects of the woodent look to the letters. I also added some cute little bumble bees!!!
That completes the Winnie the Pooh Scrapbook page!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, or just simply leave a comment!! Someone may want to know the same question!!    :)   Toodles for now!!


Sandra said...

I love this page! You make me want to scrapbook a page!


Lisa said...

Super cute! Love how you used the glittery paper ~ really makes it pop!!