Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make The Cut Video posted!!!!

Wow!!! That was rough!!! Sorry it took forever, but I think I have it figured out!! Hopefully it won't take this long next!!!


AUsome mom said...

Your video is GREAT! I hope to see many more from you. Your voice is not at all annoying and the photos are great. I wish that you could get a few more close up shots, but over all it's great! I just purchased the MTC software so I'm sooooo excited about learning to use it.

prncess05 said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments AUsome mom!! I haven't made any videos lately as I have been remodeling my home, and getting my online store/website finished and launched. It was worth it though, I now have a much BIGGER craft room than before so I'm so excited!! Plus, I have a new website with a craft store!! Its like being a kid locked in a candy store...hehehe!! I will be doing more videos very soon. I have discovered lots of new things on the MTC, and will share them soon, as well as, some great organizing/storage tips I learned while remodeling!! I should have a video out this week with lots of new projects too, so keep a watch for them. I think you'll love MTC. I have fallen more head over heals with it in the past two weeks than ever before!! If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help and answer them the best I can. Thanks again so much!! Your an absolute sweetie!! xxx :)

stamprgrl said...

sorry, but where is the video?

-- dalis

prncess05 said...

Hi Dalis,

Well, I have no idea where it went. It was up here at one point in time, but it has disapeared. I can tell you that it is on my youtube page, and here is the link to get there:

The videos are old but I will be posting some new ones this week. I haven't posted any recents because I was very busy trying to get my website finished, and moved my craftroom to a different location in the house, so things have been quite a mess around here. I have been trying to get organized and everything is about there, thank God!! Thanks for asking though!! Check back for more videos this week!! XXXX~HUGS~XXXX