Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cricut Imagine

Hi everyone! I got my Cricut Imagine over the weekend and still have not had much time to play with it, but from what I have done....I have to say "I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS MACHINE!" I have already started making dust covers for this machine and if your interested please feel free to contact me and let me know! Here is a photo of the cover I just made, and there will be more to follow! I have also posted some photos of fabric samples to choose from for your cover if interested! Oh and don't forget, I can customize if you want as well!

I will have some videos up soon on some things you can do with your imagine! This machine opens a whole bigger world of possibilities! Can't wait to share with all of you the amazing things this machine does. If you haven't gotten one, don't think twice, its definitely a must have!!


Lizzy said...

This is cute, how much do you sell them for?

prncess05 said...

Hi Lizzy, thanks a bunch! I sell them on my website for $29.99 + tax. I also sell them on ebay, but they go for a bit more to cover the fees involved with ebay sales. Here is the website if your interested:

You can go to the main page:

or you can go directly to the store webpage at:

Thanks again, and if you have any questions feel free to ask away! Have a great night! =)

Debi said...

I got one of you cover for myricut ex. would love to know if you Can make a cover for my img. in the butterfly (blue)??

Ashley said...

Hey Debi,

Somehow I missed your comment. I'm terribly sorry!

I can definitely get a cover done for you in that fabric if your still interested. Just contact me at

and we'll get it all worked out! =)