Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bus Driver Gifts

Hi all! Sorry I've been in and out, and not around much, it's been crazy around here. I am finally posting my bus drivers gift for Christmas. It's not much or too fancy (as they are both men, so I can't get glitterfied), but it's special! They were very easy to make, and will last through the years for them to remember!! I purchased (at michaels) 2 wooden pre painted yellow stars, 2 wooden pre painted buses, some Quick Grip all purpose permanent adhesive, 30 gauge wire, and black ribbon. I glued the bus to the star with the Quick Grip all purpose permanent adhesive, pierced a hole on the top of the star with a small screw driver and hammer, on the back, I burned (with my walnut hollow hot marks tool) the year 2010 on the back of each star, then lastly, I wrapped the wire through the hole I made and around the tip of the star, leaving a loop at the top to string my ribbon through. Mission complete!! See very easy, very special, and takes less than 20 minutes!



Marcia said...

Hi am new to a cricut expression, but my problem is while my cricut is cutting it stops and i have to cancel the job so i have to cancell the cut, could you let me know what could be the problem i don't know who to turn too.
please help me my name is Marcia
thanks so much

Ashley said...

Hey Marcia! First of all, congrats on becoming a cricut owner! =) Once you get things working correctly, you'll find that you absolutely love your cricut, and can't live without it!! Ok, now on to your problem, first off, what are you trying to cut, cardstock, chip board, fabric, etc? Depending on what your trying to cut, you may have the settings on the wrong thing which may cause your cricut to get stuck and stop. Also, when did you purchase it, and did you register it? If its fairly new it should still be under warranty and cricut can fix or replace your machine if needed. Did you register it? Secondly, are you using a software with it or just using cartridges? This could have a lot to do with it as well. Don't worry, we'll get it all worked out, and you'll be "bugging" in no time!! =)