Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Howdy Doo to you!!

Hi everyone!! Today has been an exciting day today!! I hope yours is going just as well!! Well I had a bit of a glitch this morning, I ordered my cuttlebug nad recieved the wrong Go figure, huh. But, my day got better when I recieved my everyday paper dolls cartridge in the mail!! I can't wait to use this one!! Then, to top it off, I finally achieved my 800 points I have been working on and can now get my free cartridge!! I am getting the sampler cartridge!! It really looks like a lot of fun!!
I did start a craft today, and I will share it with everyone. I will be doing a video on it soon. I will explain how I did it there. Everything I used in this project is from scraps, or things you would never think of using!! I have a problem with throwing things away, because I know I can always reuse it in some way, shape, or form. I guess its my own way of recycling!! Well here are some pictures of the semi-finished project, and stay posted for a how to video!! XOXO

Stay posted for more add ons to this project!!