Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little play time for Halloween!!

Here are a few things I was just palying around with today. I will give the details for each ite below!!

This is one of my favorites. I just got my stretch your imagination cartridge yesterday and I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for it. I guess thats what you get from some ebay people. (not all are bad thoug  :)  ) Anyways, this is an invitation card I made with that cartridge. I cut the card out at 4". I then found some glitter sticker letters that I have had for a loooonnngg time and decided to use them. I found some orange ribbon and wrapped it around the one side of the card inside and out, and glued it down. I added a orange button that I just sewed on for looks, and to hide the cut peice. You can always tie it or make a bow, but I wanted something different. I hand wrote the invitation specifics all around the inside corners, and placed please come right in the middle so that when you close the card, you would see no writing.

Here I used the hello kitty cartridge. I will be using him in a scrapbook page for the kids. Just thought he was too cute to leave out!!

This is a treat bag that I made for halloween. These are great bags to give kids when they knock at your door, or to just give out as party favors!! Just fill them up sith candy!! I bought the black bags at Michaels, and they were $3 and some change without a coupon. They have all colors and sizes!! So if you have other bags in mind they can work for you!! I basically just cut a cardstock paper to fit the size of the bag and glued it on. I then cut letters with shadows and glued them on. then I placed a bat and a tombstone with a ghostly ghost on!! Really simole and easy to make!! I have others in mind and will share them once they are made!! Hope you enjoyed these small out of no where fun crafts!!


Cassandra said...

I just ordered this cartridge and now I can't wait for it to get here so I can try some of these ideas! Thank you!