Friday, September 25, 2009

Friends are........PRICELESS!!!!

Hello everyone!! I made this card this afternoon, and I hope you like it!! I know I looooove it!! True friends are really priceless, and what better way to show them so by giving them this beautiful card!! This card was made with the cartridges Lyrical Letters, Wild Cards, and Graphically Speaking. The card and the border were both made from the "Wild Cards" cartridge, and were cut at 5" each. The word "Friends" was cut from the "Graphically Speaking" cartridge at 2". Now, keep in mind that in this cartridge you only get the word "friend", so I cut the extra "S" from the "Graphically Speaking" cartridge word "so".  The "Priceless" tag was also cut from "Graphically Speaking" at 1". The border for the priceless tag was hand cut to act as a border around the tag. I punched a hole in the top of the tag, as well as, the  top of the card, and tied a ribbon so that the tag would free float.

The "are" shown in the picture here was cut from "Lyrical Letters" at 1". I added pink rhinestones to accent the periods here. I also accented the bottom of the card with some glitter foamies I bought at Michaels.

On the inside of the card I placed a 4" x 4" lighter purple square for your written message.

Here is the completed card!! Its is a really easy, great card to give to a very special friend!! Hope you enjoyed!!


Cassandra said...

I love a gift within a card! Great idea to have a bookmark be part of the card! Thanks for the idea!